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Baltimore Ravens QB looking for a good pass



The Baltimore Ravens are a highly competitive relatively young professional football team. Established in 1996, after the former owner of the Cleveland Browns wanted to move the team to Baltimore and met resistance. After legal dealings, the then current players of the Browns and all of their contractual agreements would move to Baltimore with Art Modell but the "Browns" name, colors, uniform, logo and club records would stay in Cleveland, thus the Ravens were born.


Although the Ravens had a rough start, dealing with financial woes they quickly rebounded and in 2000 they went to the Super Bowl. Due in large part to one of the most formidable defenses that the NFL had ever seen, the Ravens tromped through the competition in the 2000 season and ultimately made it to Super Bowl XXXV defeating the New York Giants 34-7.


The 2001 and 2002 seasons proved to be challenging. The Baltimore Ravens had to deal with injuries and a lackluster offense that kept them out of the championship running. At the end of the 2002 season, the Ravens hit another speed-bump when they hit their salary cap and had to part with several players that had been vital to both the offense and the defense. After drafting quarterbacks in 2003 and receivers in the 2005 NFL draft the Baltimore Ravens roster in theory was gaining steam, but the team was not performing to the level they had set for themselves in 2000. The 2006 season saw wins for the Baltimore Ravens and an AFC North Title, but 2007 saw the exact opposite and many Ravens fans were beginning to think the team would never pull it together.


The 2008 Baltimore Ravens season was a good one but again the Ravens fell short of the Super Bowl, however most critics would say that with a strong 2009 draft the Baltimore Ravens have the ingredients necessary for a solid season.


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