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The Milwaukee Bucks are part of the NBA of the National Basketball Association. The Milwaukee Bucks as we know them were established in 1968 and are currently owned by US Senator Herb Kohl. The current Bucks head coach is Scott Skiles and the team general manager is John Hammond.


The Milwaukee Bucks have a long history of up and down seasons, but are proud to call some of basketballs greatest athletes their own. Famous Milwaukee Bucks include legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and other Pro Basketball Hall of Fame members like Dave Cowens, Alex English and Bob Lanier. Other well known Milwaukee Bucks are Oscar Robertson and Moses Malone. With all these great basketball players it's surprising that the Milwaukee Bucks only have one championship victory in 1971. The current Milwaukee Bucks roster includes players like Joe Alexander, Malik Allen, Charlie Bell, Andrew Bogut, Damon Jones, Michale Reed and Tyronn Brown.


The Milwaukee Bucks jerseys are green and red and perhaps the hottest selling Bucks jersey last year was the Damon Jones jersey. Many Bucks fans still proudly wear their old Kareem Abdul-Jabbar jerseys to the Bucks home games at Bradley Center.


The Milwaukee Bucks will continue to play at Bradley Center which is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin again next season, and are looking forward to many many other seasons there. The Milwaukee Bucks will once again share this stadium with the many other local sports teams which can make the NBA Schedule tricky. The Milwaukee Bucks Schedule includes games between division rivals like the Pheonix Suns, New York Knicks and even the Boston Celtics.


Milwaukee Bucks Tickets can be hard to find. They have a loyal fan base in Wisconsin and the surrounding area including many fans in Minnesota. Milwaukee Bucks Tickets when they play the can be even harder to find since both teams have such a loyal following. Buy your Milwaukee Bucks tickets today!


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