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Pabst Theater facade at night



You know you're from Wisconsin when you name one of your biggest theatres after your own beer corporation. Located in Milwaukee, Pabst Theatre is a popular place to see many shows, orchestras and even Led Zeppelin. Pabst Theatre even has valet parking for you folks with some extra change in your pockets. If the valet parking doesn't make you want to go to the Pabst Theatre alone this fact surly will. Pabst Theatre was build in 1895. A theatre that old you would think would have the roof collapse in but luckily their $120 million renovation saved that from happening. Pabst Theatre is lusciously, luxurious with new plush seats and two new elevators. Pabst Theatre is a nice place to bring your family, or even take a night out on the town and have a few drinks.


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